Leap Of Faith

Hello World!! Being a software engineer, this phrase holds a special place in my life. Every developer, every person who has ever learnt to code can relate to this phrase. It all started with ‘Hello World’. As funny as it may sound, little did I know what it was leading me to back then.

Now when I look back, the more appropriate phrase for me should have been one of these rather. Welcome to the race! Are you sure!.I used to write journals even when I did not know a word as such exists. Being born in an Indian family really does not help you set your personal boundaries. Your parents and your siblings always want a peek to your life. They want to know everything.So, a 13 year old me stopped writing scared to be found. It was not being found that was scary, it was the thought of being misunderstood.

I am 33 now, used to expressing my weirdness only in my head now. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and sometimes choked with so many thoughts inside my head.

So, this is me, choosing the historical year of 2020, in the middle of a freaking pandemic taking a leap of faith that everything happens for a reason. And it gets better from here..